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After several weeks of uncertainty, Reason Gaming are delighted that we’re finally able to share the changes to our CounterStrike:Global Offensive roster. We have high hopes for the future of this particular team. 

CS:GO Reason Gaming 3dmax

The Players:

– Nikolaj ‘EXR’ Therkildsen 

-Nichlas ‘Nille‘ Busk

-Jacob ‘Pimp‘ Winneche

– Mathias ‘MSL‘ Lauridsen

– Philip ‘aizy‘ Aistrup 

Adam ‘Blanks‘ Heath, Owner of Reason Gaming had this to say about the acquisition of the team;

“I was very happy to hear EXR and MSL decided to stick around with Reason Gaming and bring this new lineup together under our organisation. I am excited to see how they perform as a team and look forward to seeing them perform at TheBlast in 2 weeks time.”
Nikolaj ‘EXR’ Therkildsen, of the surviving players of the previous Reason roster, had this to say about recent events.

“It has been a terrible period over the last 3 weeks. Friis didn’t have time to play, so we decided to find another player (MSL) Then smF and LOMME decided to stop playing for a while, and karrigan said yes to another offer. It left me and MSL alone, and we decided to ask some of his former 3dmax teammates to make a squad. It went pretty well, and after a discussion about which org we should play under we decided to join Reason as we really wanted to play under the Reason Gaming name. I’m really glad to be playing with the former 3dmax guys – they are pretty cool, and we are today happy to announce a full lineup. A lineup with a lot of experience and some really good individual players. Hopefully we can make some good results in the future and play some big tournaments.