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The League of Legends Championship Series is expanding to include 10 teams in it’s League for the 2015 Season, meaning there are two spaces to be filled in addition to the 8 teams already qualified.

To find these two teams Riot Games is holding a one time LCS Expansion Tournament featuring 13 teams, 3 from the 2014 Challenger Series Playoffs, 3 from the LCS Promoion Tournament and 8 from the Ranked 5s ladder. Due to our performance in the Challenger Series Reason Gaming has been invited to take this opportunity at LCS Qualification under the condition that 3/5ths of the Players from the CS remain.

Before we talk about the final roster we regretably have to announce the retirement of veteran AD Carry player Makler. Makler felt that ever since the teams second place finish at Dreamhack Summer he was no longer playing at his highest level, and decided to step down from the team and retire from the Competitive League of Legends scene.

We would like to thank Makler for his contibution to the team, he was a member since we signed the roster and his performance earned our place in this tournament and wish him all the best in his future.

 Kubon returns!

The roster which we have fielded to represent us in this tournament consists of:

Top Lane – Jakub “Kubon” Turewicz

An original member of the team Meet Your Makers, Kubon was with the roster as they moved to our organisation. His performances in the top lane did not go unoticed as shortly after he was signed by Gambit Gaming as a replacement for their long standing Top laner Darien. After qualifying with them in the Promotion tournament the Organisation decided to let him go, leading him to reunite with Reason Gaming with the goal of qualifying for the 2015 season a second time!

Jungle – Marcin “Xayoo” Majkut

Xayou is an aggressive jungler who joined us in July and impressed from the start, his playstyle perfectly fits the team and his time spent with us has allowed him to build up important synergy with the midlane for communication throughout the game to allow the team to make the best decisions available.

Mid Lane – Rafał “Takefun” Górniak

Joining the roster after the departure of their original Midlaner Czaru, Takefun had some big shoes to fill. Some sceptics commented that Czaru singlehandedly won their games as MYM in the LCS, but the addition of Takefun showed that every player in the roster was able to carry games, including the newcomer. We have been impressed with his continued ability to play to the highest level in the game since we signed the roster and his time with us has allowed him to grow.

AD Carry – Paweł “Celaver” Koprianiuk

After veteran ADC Makler decided to step town we needed to find another high level player who would mesh well with the team. Celaver’s experience throughout the 2014 Season playing for Roccat in the LCS is invaluable to our team and an ideal replacement for the rosters long standing AD Carry player.

Support – Marek “Libik” Kręgiel

Another of the original MYM players, Libik has been in the scene for a long time, and was famous for his Zyra play in the support role throughout Season 3. With the retirement of his long standing Duo Lane partner Makler he has been working hard to build up synergy with Celaver to create a formidable Bottom Lane.


We are also very excited to see Simon “TheHiddenGFX” Best step back as our League of Legends manager, a role that has not been filled since Mateusz “Kittz” Tomczak left earlier this year.

Simon says:

“Stepping back into management for Reason Gaming I am confident that we will be able to show a good performance for our fans in this upcoming Expansion tournament. With the addition of Kubon and Celaver and their wealth of experience in the LCS they will bring an extra spark to the team.”