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With the latest Call of Duty title, Advanced Warfare, making its debut, retiring Ghosts after its 1 year life, we are proud to announce our competitive Xbox One lineup for this title. It brings back the captain of our Ghosts team, Samuel ‘Magaziny‘ Elliott with 3 other players who have done very well in previous CoD titles.


Our new CoD:AW team is:

Samuel ‘Magaziny‘ Elliott
Lee ‘Tank‘ Malby
George ‘TooMuch‘ Jezard
Kurtis ‘Sneaky‘ Stiles


Samuel ‘Magaziny‘ Elliott had this to say:

I’m happy to finally announce my new team, competing under Reason Gaming again! Happy to be working with Reason & Adam again & can’t wait to start competing again with my new team. Obviously looking to improve on my last showing under Reason at i51. With that being said we will be competing as a team at i53 & looking to cause some damage! I’d like to thank Adam for supporting me & my team once again.