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Want to know where to go to find the latest information about all the goings-on at Insomnia 50 and follow how our DotA2 team and Kaldi, our Zerg StarCraft 2 player are getting along? Then look no further! All the links you need in 1 place. This will be updated during the event so keep checking back for the latest information.

Important Information

Insomnia 50 website
Multiplay twitter
Insomnia / Multiplay Stream
Reason Twitter
Reason Facebook
Sc2 Groups + Bracket
Dota2 Brackets + Group


Insomnia 50 Photos

Reason Gaming I50


Reason Gaming Content

PreLAN Kaldi interview

Video Content

Dota2 Past Broadcast
Starcraft 2 Past Broadcast

Prize Pool

 Total Teams : 11
Dota 2
1. £1250
2. £625
3. £425
4. £200

Total Players  : 29
Starcraft 2
1. £600
2. £250
3. £150

Day One Updates

  • [Misc] Day one of the UK’s biggest LAN event kicks off
  • [Misc] Over 1000 BYOC has turned up for the event which is a record for an iSeries Winter LAN
  • [Dota2] Dota2 team arrives at the event with some presents from SteelSeries!
  • [Sc2] Kaldi arrives at the event and is still in pretty bad condition
  • [Dota2] Has 11 teams attending
  • [Sc2] There is 29 players in the Sc2 tournament which is impressive for a Winter Lan
  • [Sc2] Seeds are announced and Dig Tefel is seeded first while our Icelandic player is seeded 8th
  • [Sc2] Groups are annouced; Group A Tefel, Aicy Kaldi, Wlfz, Sabre, Amjs, puppet
  • [Dota2] Seeds for the event Reason: (1) Infused (2) Wat A Stack(3) First Pickup(4)
  • [Dota2] Groups are formed with Reason being placed with Wat A Stack, Big Black Chicken, Nvidia for men, oNo Flame Boy 2012 & Team Bananna
  • [Dota2] Reason plays their hardest game in group stages first against Wat A Stack
  • [Dota2] Reason beats them swiftly 1-0
  • [Sc2] First game Kaldi v Aicy finished 2-1 to Aicy
  • [Dota2] Big Black Chicken next with Reason walking over them comfortably
  • [Sc2] Kaldi has to play Dig Tefel who is seeded 1st for his next game
  • [Sc2] Dig Tefel make quick work of our ill StarCraft 2 player and takes the series
  • [Dota2] Nvidia for men next in the 3rd game of the group stages
  • [Dota2] Reason gaming comfortably wins the game 1-0
  • [Sc2] Kaldi plays puppet and beats him 2-0. Comeback on!
  • [Sc2] With Kaldi starting to feel alot better, he plays AMJS and beats him 2-1
  • [Dota2] 4th game in groups sees Reason beating O No! Flameboy 2013 1-0 
  • [Sc2] Moving forward Kaldi plays Wlfz and beats him 2-0 for the last game of the day!
  • [Dota2] Last game in groups sees Team Bananna forfeit the game to Reason
  • [Dota2] Reason had a good day in groups and move into brackets! End of day one

Day Two Update

  • [Dota2] Brackets start with Reason playing Next Generation
  • [Sc2] Brackets have been announced and our Icelandic player has to play TLR Revolution in the first game
  • [Dota2] Reason face off against Next Gen in a Bo1 and dispatch them comfortably in the upper bracket first game
  • [Dota2] Next up is a Bo3 against first pick ogre (4) and makes it an 2-0 and continue to the upper bracket
  • [Sc2] Kaldi plays TLR Revolution in a Bo3 and takes the first round 2-1
  • [Sc2] Seeding is done Kaldi faces TLR Revolution in round 1 and Wins 2-1
  • [Dota2] Infused Gaming (2) in the upper bracket final Bo3
  • [Sc2] Round 2 Kaldi has to play Dig Tefel
  • [Dota2] Reason takes the first map 1-0 in the best of 3 series
  • [Dota2] Reason wins the series 2-0 and makes it to the grand finals
  • [Sc2] Dig Tefel takes round 2 and puts Kaldi into the lower bracket
  • [Sc2] Loser’s round 2 Kaldi plays simba, an up and coming British terran player
  • [Sc2] Simba takes the game at 2-1 and knocks Kaldi out of the competition
  • [Sc2] Kaldi finishes 9/12th place overall


Day Three Update

  • [Dota2] Infused dispatch Wat A Stack in a bo3 and move to win the finals to play Reason
  • [Dota2] Reason take the main stage to face Infused in a Bo3 and a Bo1 as they have the 2-0 lead
  • [Dota2] Infused make quick work of the best of 3 and take it to the final game
  • [Dota2] With the momentum they have gathered, Infused Gaming take the final map and they are your champions
  • [Dota2] Reason Gaming take 2nd place and win £625
  • [Misc] Home Time!