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Excello Disbands

The Portuguese organization made an exception to their rule of not bringing any teams on board just last month, as they decided to pick up the Finnish team formerly known as ‘Munkka’, sadly, their stint in Excello has been rather short.

This might not come as a surprise to some, after just 3 days ago, the team decided to pull out of ICSC8, allegedly due to their addition of a new member, which cause lack of practice.

This is what Tomi “zabaz” Verkkoperä had to say:

“After aslak left our team I kind of felt that the last hope of us being good in the future also left so there wasn’t any enthusiasm to try anymore with this team. We also had too much team changes because of players’ motivations weren’t big enough for example to be in time when we had agreed to play practice wars,”

Excello has a rule of not picking up any teams, as they are now dedicated to running online cups and more, and they have made it clear that they aren’t looking for a substitute, as this was just a one time exception to the rule.

Excello had:

 Tomi “zabaz” Verkkoperä
 Juuso “fonex” Malvela
 Luukas “lukee” Paananen
 Aleksi “allu” Jalli
 Tuomas “Type” Kauppinen