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In mere hours, our DoTA2 team will be starting their games in group B of the tournament. The team to look out for in the group is the Russian powerhouse, Empire. Our team are seeded 5th/6th in the tournament so have high hopes in the group stages for an upset. Reason’s first game will be against one of the two home teams which is Zero Respect and will kick things off at 9:30 CET.

After the first match, Reason will play the team Minion from Indonesia, followed by the other French team Round 4 will be the hardest game of the day for the Brits as they face off versus Empire. And for the final game of the day, we will play the Algerian team, Anarchist.

The top 3 teams from each group will advancec through to the knockout bracket with 1st place from each group getting a bye to the semi-final.  We wish the best for our home grown players and hope they can do the UK proud. If you wish to watch the games in client you can purchase a pass via the DoTA2 website here. If not, be sure to check out the ESWC website here for their stream coverage of the games.

Below, you can view the previous results from day 1 as well as follow the progress throuout day 2 and the final day.