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Have you wanted to play League of Legends just like our LoL team? Stuck Wondering what runes you should take for each champion and lane match up? How to skill your champions correctly for each role and opponent? Understand the inner workings of a top player’s mind when making in game desicions? Well now you can!

We are pleased to announce that we have officially partnered up with the hub for League of Legends knowledge, Mobafire. Each week or so, we will have a new guide up on Mobafire written by one of our very own players. They will include some of their favourite champions as well as those which are seen competitively. Furthermore, they will contain some in-depth analysis of difference build paths including core items and situational items to prepare you for every situation out on the Rift.

Josh “Howspiffing” Raven, who had a large part to play in the partnership explained his feelings:

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with MOBAfire. With the reformation of our League of Legends team in progress, we will soon be releasing many top tier guides on the website. Our players will also be guest appearing in an article on MOBAfire in the next few days, so keep a look out for that.

The first guide of ours was created by our top laner, Dex, and can be found here:

Furthermore. two of our players were featured in a recent Q&A with Mobafire about some of the preseason changes. Below is a small preview of that and the rest can be seen here: 

Once again, this is a great step forward for everyone here at Reason, specifically the League of Legends side of things plus all those who love the game. Finally be sure to swing by Mobafire where you can see our various streams and get some insight into the team!


Be sure to follow our new friends over at mobafire on twitter:


Ben “Hoss” Hosford