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            reasonvs reason1


Dust 2



Kicking off the first game of the new ESL UK Premiership is our very own Reason gaming UK team , their first match up against CEX who are a strong team with good placings at UK Lans, but according to twitch chat still are only paid in Ps2 games for their CSGO accomplishments.

Reason’s roster formerly Fish123 with a core four players who have been playing under the fish alias for a while , they added Jake “ Mini “ Harris to the roster and the Reason UK team was formed.

The map chosen was the classic Dust2 and after a large delay with Keita having to drop out due to technical issues Reason found a stand in player ” ZED ” , as Keita is a key member of the squad this would obviously affect the approach to the game but thankfully Dust2 is a map that favours Mix teams.


Pistol Round 1

Cex CT  Reason T

Cex elected to go for a passive retake setup on A site which allowed reason to push up long unchallenged and plant , Cex’s retake was unsuccessful and Bayff finished the round with a 3k to secure the first round.

The next round saw a double scout force buy from Cex picking up early frags putting Reason in a 2vs3 situation, enough damage had been done to Cex however and Zed successfully finished the round with a 1v1 plant on B site.

A full eco buy from Cex saw the next round go to Reason without any trouble.

The first buy round with an Awp on each sides a slow approach onto A with Cex again electing to play for an A retake allowing reason to take long unchallenged, the bomb went down with two trade kills either side the 3vs3 ended with a successful retake from Cex which put the score at 3-1 to Reason gaming.

Reason gaming having successfully planted in the previous round were able to do an almost full rifle buy, trade kills at mid left ZED, Reazn and Bayff to proceed to B get a successful plant and defend the site 2v2

With CEX’s economy left in tatters not even a Ps2 trade in could buy them any effective weapons over the next two rounds with Reason starting to build a lead at 6-1 .

Cex Managed to pull a round back at 6-2 but Reason completely reset Cex’s economy at 7-2 with another big round from ZED and Bayff


With the Awp firmly in Conor’s hands and having been on the receiving end of it in many ESEA pug things were looking promising in Reason’s First ESL Premiership map

Cex managed to force buy and secure the next three rounds putting it at 8-5 , Reason had enough money for an AK armor buy and put the half time score at 10-5 after two passive rounds and a successful mid to B push resulting in a plant and defense of the site.


Pistol Round 2

CEX started the second half strongly with a successful A take on pistol round and also won the next anti Eco round with ease.

With the score poised at 8-10 Bayff stepped up with a clutch and defuse on B site to bring the score to 8-11 in favour of reason

Cex had two strong rounds to pull the score back to 10-11 and with momentum behind them tied the scores to 11-11 as Reason tried to get their economy back on track

With CEX’s best player ” Spandex ”  stepping up, Reason’s economy took a hit at 12-11 to CEX, however the next round ZED the only player with a rifle held B site and the scores came back to 12-12

Another strong A hold put the score back to 13-12 in Cex’s favour

the next round saw a successful retake on B site which took the scores back to 13-13,

another successful B retake with an insane 3k by Conor took the scores to 14-13 in Reason’s favor

Cex executed a successful push and plant onto B site leaving Conor on his own to attempt to retake Cex held and the game goes to overtime

Cex took the first round of overtime however a sick 2k on B site by Conor with the Awp brings it back to 16-16

Once again Zed protects the bombsite with a 3k and secures the round single handedly taking the score to 17-16 to Reason




An unsuccessful A take form Reason brings the score to 17-17

The next round the A take proved more successful with zed defending the plant with a perfectly timed molly taking us to match point

The last round started with two insane AWP shots by Conor in mid and a successful A plant securing the game for Reason.

Very strong performance considering Reason played with a stand in and this is the full lineups first official game together after being recently formed, bright future ahead for the lads.