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Unfortunately the only stream died in the first round, twitch came back up with the score at 10 – 6 to reason , also the stream was at 1970’s television quality for the rest of the game.

Xenex Faked B site and planted A but Keita came through and clutched the round at 11-6 to reason

Reason electing to play B heavy defence which is popular on this map the next round went without much fuss standard anti eco defence on A

At 12- 6 Xenex electing for a slow A split they took the site and took the score to 12-7

With reason on a double eco they electing to force , good decision with reason baiting the T’s into a crossfire on B putting the score to 13-7 and the game nearly wrapped up.

The terrorists electing for a full eco rush on b, quickly shut down on B and close to match point for reason

Desperate times of Xenex they elected for a slow split on A site a 3vs 3 on A site with the bomb down Reazn flanked A long two successful trades and conor defuse dputting the game to match point

Another A split from Xenex with a  plant however Keita was there to clutch a 1vs 1 and the bomb was defused.

Straightforward win for Reason, unfortunately 16 rounds missed due to the ESL UK Twitch having a mental breakdown .