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Last weekend we attended Insomnia58 Gaming Festival hosted at Birmingham’s NEC. Competing at this event we had one Hearthstone player, William “Firrlo” Sjöblom and our newly signed Overwatch team. The event had over 3,000 BYOC (bring your own computer) participants and excess of half a million visitors.

Reason Overwatch battle through the group stages of Insomnia58

Reason Overwatch battle through the group stages of Insomnia58

Our Overwatch team had a tough road leading up to this event. With one of our players unable to attend due to visa issues the team called upon their coach Elliot “Hayes” Hayes to step in. Currently trialing a new dps player for the team, the teams stand in for the event had last-minute problems and would not be able to attend. The team found a super-sub in Harry “Harrspen” Phillips who agreed to attend with less than 24 hours before the event started.

The group stages of the tournament raised moral and confidence as they breezed through most of their games, with their toughest opponent being a fellow UK side, Team Endpoint. Despite a close game, we made it all the way to the grand finals and only dropped 1 map in the process.

In the grand final the team showed pure class and composure taking a 2-0 victory (3-0 total with 1 map advantage) over Gamers Origin to take the first place and the giant cheque for £3,750. Congratulations to the players on a stellar performance under difficult circumstances and a huge thanks to Harry and Elliot for stepping up and putting in great performances.

The Team was :

Tomzey (Hungary) – Lucio and Shot-caller.
Hayes (UK) – Zenyatta
Danchu (UK) – Main Tank
Shaz (Finland) – Main DPS
Sev (UK) – Flex player
Harrspen (UK) – Mcree/Tracer



Reason Overwatch claim first place at Multiplay’s Insomnia58!

We also had one of our players entered into the massive $30,000 Hearthstone tournament. Adopting a heavy all-in strategy William “Firrlo” Sjöblom went 2-2 and 3-2 and failed to qualify for the knockout stage. Although he didn’t make the money William was happy with his performance and his training partner for the event finished in second place.

William had this to say :

I got kinda unlucky with match-ups, but I am super happy with how I played and will continue to practice as hard as I’ve been doing so far.

And finally, a massive thank you to DinoPC for loaning us some spectacular machines for the weekend. They held up under the pressure as well as our players.