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Despite the amazing performance from our previous UK CSGO roster, the failure to qualify for the UK Masters grand final, and coming second in ESL UK EPS, proved too much for the team and it started to fall apart. With most of the players swiftly finding new homes in some very strong teams we started to look around to see what lineups were available.

It wasn’t long before we found a team rich with both young talent and experienced veterans that should hammer out some impressive results in this upcoming. If the rumour mill is correct, there will also be a second season of the very successful UK Masters hosted by Multiplay, which this team will also be eager to take part in.

Our new UK CSGO roster is:


robiin was part of “The Working Men”, the mix team that denied us our EPS victory last season with an astonishing comeback.

Their first EPS game is starting very shortly against Team XENEX where we hope to pick up the first victory of the season. We wish them the best of luck in this game, and the rest of the season!