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Game Show League Season 2: Group A

Reason went into this game knowing that only a win would send them into the play-offs out of Group A. This inevitably brings them up against FlipSid3, a fairly strong side based out of Ukraine, who also needed a win to go through to the play-offs of this competition – As such, the game would be tense, as both sides need to win to get through. This is a Best of One, so there shall only be one game – which was Mirage.

Set_mirage[1] game

Mirage: First Half

So, we find ourselves in the first half of the game. Reason start the half as the Counter-Terrorists, with FlipSid3 being the flipside of the teams. Reason start out picking up the pistol round, and the following two rounds. The fourth round (to make it 3:1) was also close to being won, but tabu was headshot with a second left on the defuse. The next two ones weren’t so close, and it was pulled back to 3:3… and taken forward to 3:7, with the majority of them being complete shut-outs, with the last one being a plant before they’re all killed. Reason then gets the next round, with xanzir picking up three kills with the pistol, making it 4:7. However, they then lose the next round (4:8), essentially a similar one to the rounds previous. However, Reason manage the next two rounds – making it 6:8, with the planter being taken out. However, the half ends 6:9, after a plant and everyone being taken down. This left the team with a considerable amount of work to do to be with any chance of getting through

Mirage: Second Half

So the second half comes, with the teams flipping over, and Reason taking the Terrorist side this time. It appeared to be a repeat of before, with Reason winning the pistol rounds, and the two rounds following it to tie the scores at 9:9, with them planting the bomb in the first two rounds, however the momentum didn’t continue from there. The bomb was only placed down one more time after that, but it was sadly defused, and even that round ended quickly. Reason failed to pick any more rounds up whilst FlipSid3 powered on to the win. 9:16 is how it finished.


This game, and how it ended, should give the team some food for thought on how such a loss happened. There were some brilliant moments in the game as well, not forgetting winning the first three rounds of both halves, and Round 11 where xanzir managed himself a triple kill – something that, if focused on and with more teamwork, could be massively improved come the Copenhagen Games, which are between 1st-4th April. This will give them time to think, and plan, and bootcamp between now and them to push as far into the competition as possible – Hopefully, going for the win.

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