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Game Agents League – Group B [Losers Bracket]

After succumbing to Dignitas in the first round, Reason come up against what appears to be a very weak Copenhagen Wolves team next in the GameAgents League, with them having to have two stand-ins as they have, most recently, had MSL moving to Dignitas. They had Friis and Snappi standing-in for them, who are two very accomplished players. Reason still have SandeN standing in for tabu, however, so it’s all resting on a knife edge. This is a Best of Three game, featuring Cobblestone (CHW’s choice), Inferno (Reason’s choice) and Mirage (the decider).

the_cobblestone_collection[1]Map 1 – Cobblestone

So the map started not too well, starting as Counter-Terrorists – This was CHW’s pick so it was to be expected. A loss of the first 3 rounds, which was quickly brought up to 7:4, with triple kills coming from both JUGi and MODDII. The half ended 8:7 – in favour of our Danish team. The second half started off well, racing off to a 11:7 lead, after picking up the pistol and the following two rounds. However, 6 rounds later and it’s down to being 11:13, with the team being completely killed in some rounds and bombs getting defused in others. Reason picks up one more round – after a clutch coming from SandeN, but it was all over at the end, with an eventual loss coming at 12:16.

Set_inferno[1] Map 2 – Inferno

And it’s time to start the map that Reason picked – Starting as CTs.. However, it didn’t get off to the start they wanted – Immediately losing the first two rounds. However, they managed to pick up the following two rounds, cleaning up the opposition team. It’s a similar theme for the next few rounds, however missing the defuse didn’t help on one of them. The half then proceeded to end 10:5, a pretty respectable score for that half. The second half starts, well. Our lads lost the pistol but got the round after it… Then lose the next three games – even after a plant. The team picks up the next two, but CHW then get the next few to tie it all the 13:13… and then they take it to 13:15 after two defuses. However, Reason manages to pull it to 14:15. Could they do it? Could they take it to an overtime in this game? The answer – Is yes. Yes they could. The Overtime rounds were intense and practically caused me near heart palpitations but they stuck through to take it 4:1 in the end – after going in at the half of it 2:1.

Set_mirage[1]Map 3 – Mirage

So for the final map in this Loser’s bracket game in the GameAgents League, it’s Mirage, starting as CT’s. The wonderful deciding game to see who would go through in the league to play the loser of Dignitas v CPLAY. However, it didn’t turn out to be that way. After 5 rounds, the score was 1:4 in favour of the Wolves. Another two and it was 1:6 – not looking very good. However, Reason picked up the next two rounds back-to-back… But then lost the next 6. Swapping over to the Terrorist side seemed to provide an immediate boost – winning the first 4 games. However, when the score ended up as 7:13, it is close and not seeming to be brought back. The Map ended 9:16 – putting the end to a match.


Overall, the games weren’t horrendous. There were some absolutely brilliant plays – definitely on Inferno. However, it wasn’t to be and should give our team some food for thought. It leaves them in a strong position for the next few games – and also the Copenhagen Games which are coming up at the beginning of April. General opinion is that it could’ve, and probably should’ve, been better…

Debate what happened in the comments below…