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So, the end of the Challenger Series didn’t go quite how we expected with a final 2-0 defeat against Dignitas.EU putting us in 5th place and facing ejection from the Challenger Series. This hit the team really hard as they were at bootcamp during this game to get ready for the LCS Promotion Playoff to make sure they were on form, as they were the favorite to win this final matchup and only needed to win 1 game to qualify. A number of things didn’t go our way over the 2 days though and it looked like we were destined to have to re-qualify for Challenger Series next season.



However after their victory, Dignitas.EU could not find suitable replacements for two of their players who were too young to compete in the LCS Promotion Playoff, so they forfeited their spot leaving only 3 teams in the qualifier from the event. Riot had a decision to make, to proceed with only three teams fighting for one of the sort-after LCS spots, or to open up the spot to us, the next team in the ladder. Thankfully, Riot decided to offer the spot to us, so we will have another chance to prove we are worthy of playing against the best teams in League of Legends, and millions of spectators.

We are thankful that Riot has made this decision and are delighted to be given a second chance to compete in this event.

The Riot ruling: