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After winning the season 8 the Reason Gaming CS:GO lineup are about to take on Copenhagen Games, Their 4th tournament under Reason Gaming

Frederick ‘LOMME’ Nielsen 

Michael ‘Friis’ Jørgensen

Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen

Nikolaj “EXR” Therkildsen

Danni ‘smF’ Dyg

So where do the players come from?

Both Michael “Friis” Jørgensen and Finn “Karrigan” Andersen have been playing for the British powerhouse organization, Fnatic. Both started back in Counter-Strike 1.6, and have been playing in a lot of organizations and tournaments around the world.
Friis is most known for his play with the AWP and the way that he stays calm through the game. He is an amazing AWP player can is ready to support his teammates where ever they’re on the map.

Karrigan is the in-game leader, his experience from teams like mousesports, n!faculty, fnatic and many more – has placed him as one of the best in the field. 
He’s ready with a tactic whenever it is needed, and he has got a lot of them in this bagpack. 

smF is the teams fragger, both him LOMME and EXR is trying to pick as many of the enemies as they can. He has been playing with a lot of different players on his way to the top in the Danish CS:GO scene – probably best known for his time in the old Copenhagen Wolves lineup.