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Hello everyone id thought that id do a quick review about the new Razer Mouse bungee.

I have used several mouse bungees over the years as a gamer. And they have all had more or less the same issue; they don’t stay still on desks. If you have a hard cord or move the desk around they tend to move. This is not the case with the Razer Mouse Bungee though, it has very sticky pads underneath and they stick very well to a lot of surfaces.

Anyone that has used a bungee knows that they remove A LOT of mouse drag so it feels much easier to move the mouse over your mouse pad. No chord that drag on the desk and at the edge of your mouse pad giving you the feeling someone is “dragging” your chord when you move the mouse. With a bungee your mouse gets easier to move and you NEVER have to worry about your chord getting stuck on the backside of your table, rendering you unable to move the mouse closer to you.

Right now I use this with my Razer Mamba 2012 when I don’t have the mouse in wireless mode. Since you don’t get any drag at all when you don’t use a cord. But I have to say, it feels almost like the mouse is wireless when I use the bungee, I sometimes think that I have it in wireless mode and try to take it with me 😀

The only downside I have noticed with this product is that the pads stick almost too well to surfaces sometimes. You have to watch so you don’t damage the veneer on cheaper desks. Although, this is not really a problem because you can just touch the pads a few times so they gather some “dust” and they get a little less sticky. And if you want that super sticky pads back just take a wet cloth and remove the dust and you are good to go.

In my opinion, the new Bungee from Razer is a great buy. The design is really nice and slick and at the same time it looks really good on your desk. If you have used a bungee before, you know what to expect and if you haven’t you are in for a treat! The new Razer Bungee is a top quality product and is by far the best bungee I have ever used! There is no real reason to not buy this.