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Some people will try and say that Razer just rebranded their old Mamba with a new name to try and make some more money, but that is actually far from the truth. It might look the same and have the same package as the old mamba. But it is not until you look underneath the shell that you notice a lot of changes.

Shape and Feel: What about the shape? Well, If you have owned a Razer Mamba before it have exactly the same shape as the new one so switching mouse Is effortless and you will need no adjusting time at all. Also, the shape of the Razer Deathadder is very close to the mamba. I think this is one of the most comfortable mouses I have owned so far. I really liked the classic IntelliMouse 3.0 and I think it is very similar to that in both shape and feel. As with everything, you will need some time to get used but it was a very short time for me with both the Mamba and the Mamba 2012. The mouse feels really good in your hand and the buttons are really nice and responsive.

Wireless/Wired mode: I think that the biggest feature is that you can have the mouse in both wired mode and wireless mode. This really gives you freedom of choice. To be able to switch between wireless and wired mode is just awesome. And when you don’t play super serious and just want to chill you can just plug the mouse out and you can enjoy wireless to its fullest. And it’s really responsive as well. I can’t say that I notice it and I am very sensitive to delay. The range is also excellent. I can go into my living room and park my ass at the TV and it works without lag or any issues at all. That’s about 6 meters and a door away. And when normal wireless mouse dies because you forgot to charge it, you can just plug it in wired mode and it will charge it at the same time as you use it.

Dual sensors: The new mamba uses a dual sensor system that has a laser sensor and an optical sensor. It automatically calibrates the mouse to work at almost any surface to optimize the tracking on your specific surface. This also allows you to adjust the lift distance.

Lift Distance: To be able to adjust the lift distance is one of the best features a mouse can have in my opinion. That was one of the biggest things I missed with the old Mamba and I think it’s the main reason to buy the new Razer Mamba 2012. I usually lift my mouse a lot and that moves the cursor when you tilt the mouse. When you are able to adjust the lift distance you can almost eliminate that all together.

Adjust Color: It isn’t really a big feature but it’s nice to be able to set the color to something else than the mamba’s original blue. You can use any color you want and also set the level of light you want, or turn it of all together.

Technical Specifications:

Gaming Grade Wireless Technology

6400dpi 4G Dual Sensor System

Dual mode wired /wireless functionality

1000Hz Ultrapolling /1ms response time

Multi-Color Lighting

Up to 200 inches per second* /50g acceleration

Approximate dimensions in mm: 128 (Length) x 70 (Width) x 42.5 (Height)

Battery Life: Approx 16 hrs (continuous gaming)

Conclusion: There is no doubt that the Razer Mamba 2012 is a great product. It’s packed with the latest technology and has more features that anyone will ever use, you can set almost everything. The question is if the Razer Mamba 2012 is worth its hefty price tag? I would say that it is, and especially if you have been looking for a really fast wireless gaming mouse. And even if you aren’t interested in the wireless part you can still use the mouse in wired mode when you are gaming and wireless mode when you are surfing the web and chilling. It’s the perfect combination without compromising the gaming experience at all. It’s probably the most high-tech wired mouse and at the same time also the most high-tech wireless mouse on the market.

If you want the best of the best, you should REALLY consider the new Razer Mamba 2012