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A couple of weeks ago we sadly said goodbye to one of our original Brawlhalla players, William “Lanz” Atkins. This left his 2v2 partner, Robert “Ephi” Aguirre, looking for a new teammate.

After a period of trialing several different combinations, Ephi found Karim “eramm” Yalo to be the perfect match. Last week they entered their first 2v2 tournament together and claimed 2nd place which is a great result for their first outing.

eramm has had a strong history in Brawlhalla for both his 1v1 and 2v2 plays claiming a vast collection of top 5 finishes in various tournaments including the Brawlhalla World Championship back in November last year.

We are thrilled to welcome this Swedish Brawlhaller to our ranks and look forward to watching him compete both alongside Ephi, and as a solo player. Make sure to follow eramm on Twitter.