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It’s been a glorious 2015 in eSports. We’ve had some of the largest prize pools in history, held more viewers than conventional sports championships, and also the year I joined Reason Gaming. In January 2015, I started my venture with some of the best guys in the eSports industry. You learn a lot and see a lot over a year in eSports, and I’d recommend it to anyone that shares the same passion. Lets make 2016 an even better year in eSports.

But enough about me! Lets talk [R]eason. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In early 2015, we sent the Counter-Strike:GO team consisting of MODDII, tabu, xanzir, k0nfig, and haste to Copenhagen Games as the first official roster of the year. Although the placing wasn’t the best, it re-sparked our flame in the Counter-Strike community. That same month, Team Fortress 2 took 3rd place in ETF2L Season 20, and our former League of Legends team took 4th in the Challenger series, but was able to move forward to play Giants Gaming in the EU LCS promotional series.

A few months follow, and DreamHack Summer 2015 starts. Our Heroes of Newerth team competes on stage for the very first time in their careers, and we send our newly established Hearthstone roster to compete in the open qualifiers. Our former HoN team did take 2nd place against Neo.MRR in one of the most exciting HoN matches since 2012.

In July we dipped our toe into a new game, Dirty Bomb, just in time to make history in the game. We competed in the first ever Dirty Bomb cup to have a cash prize. Our team, made up of mostly Europeans and one American, did us proud and claimed 2nd place in the event, but sadly threw in the towel soon after.

August was a busy month for the organization, as Insomnia55 was just around the corner. Our Danish CS:GO team had just won QuickShot Arena #4, while our UK CS:GO team was competing at i55 along with our TF2 (whom had recently gotten 1st place at ETF2L Season 21) and HotS teams. Each team would brandish quite well, with CS:GO taking 4th place, TF2 taking 3rd, and HotS taking 2nd. Although we did not see gold, we were still incredibly proud of each and every player.

We re-entered the SMITE scene in November with the acquisition of “Meditation for the win”. The UK+French XBOX One SMITE team was competing at the ESL SMITE World Championship qualifiers where they took 4th place. Our UK CS:GO team would compete under the Reason tag for one last time at epicLAN 16, taking 2nd place and bidding a beautiful farewell. Lastly, our shining Team Fortress 2 team competed in the last ETF2L season of the year, and took 1st place in Season 22. While competing against the re-established Epsilon roster, they still managed to prove to be the best before heading to DreamHack Winter 2015. At DreamHack Winter, they competed on stage for the first time in two years. After taking first place in the last tournament of the year, the TF2 now rests in preparation for Overwatch.

Just as we were expending the year of esports to be winding down, our Danish CSGO team got a string of amazing results in the ESL Nordic qualifiers and qualified for the offline finals in Stockholm. Sadly their road came to an end in groups as they lost the tie-breaker game against Betpot 2-0 but it puts the team in great standing for 2016.

With 2015 coming to an end in a less than 12 hours, we’d like to say thank you to every player that’s held the [R]eason tag, every staff member, and every fan that’s stuck by us in Twitch chat with our ever favorite “ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ NO EXCUSES! ONLY REASON! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ”. None of this past year would have been possible without the amazing support we get from our sponsors so we would like to extend a HUGE thank you to DasKeyboard, LG, Gunnars, Rigg Gaming and esportclothing. Have a great new year, and we will see you in 2016!