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The time has come to move away from our Danish CSGO team. They have had a tough run for around the last 6 months, with a spree of roster changes and unlucky results. During their time in Reason Gaming they have done us proud more times than we can recall, but it is clear that the team need time to solidify a roster before trying to push forward.

This move comes after the two players, Sebastian “larsen” Larsen and Kevin “KS” Svenningsen, decided to part ways with the team. The remaining three players are keen to fill these holes and continue playing together, but it sadly won’t be under Reason at this stage.

We would like to thanks all the players who have been apart of this Danish journey dating all the way back to Copenhagen Games 2015, and wish every single one of them the best of luck. Some of them have already gone on to do great things and we are proud to say they were once in Reason.

This will in no way be the end of our time in CSGO, but we will be taking our time with the next selection to make sure we find the right team for us. If you think your team is suitable then please get in contact via Facebook, Twitter or the contact form on our site.