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With a new place to call home, new features, and an ambitious 2011 and beyond, we need motivated e-Sports-loving individuals to join our Staff in a number of exciting roles. Have you always wondered how you get involved at the top levels of a professional e-Sports organisation? Well, this is how.


  • Newswriters
  • Community Representatives
  • Video makers


  • Community Representative Team


The Community Representative Team is a new scheme we here at Reason Gaming are starting and gives you, the fans, a chance to be well and truly involved in how we operate.


You’ll be communicating directly with the Management team and, in some cases, with our players, to co-ordinate Reason Gaming’s efforts out and around the interweb. By this, we mean that you’ll have a hands-on approach to advertising game-specific articles, interviews, promotions and so forth. In some cases, you will be expected to with with the news team in where to advertise and promote particular articles. Additionally, you will need to be Twitter and Facebook literate.


Your tasks, really, will be unlimited, and you must be an enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated individual in order to make the role work as it should, and to get the most from it. This is undoubtedly the best way to get involved with Reason Gaming at a ground level.


  • Newswriters


Newswriting may not be everyone’s favourite thing, but this is the surest way to show your passion and enthusiasm for Reason Gaming and for e-Sports more generally. Newswriting opens opportunities like you probably wouldn’t imagine and is quickly become one of the bread-and-butter items to include on your CV if you want to progress further into an e-Sports organisation.


Newswriting has to be balanced carefully with your other tasks online as it can quickly burn a person out and become boring. If you’re in it for free hardware, feel you’ve been bored in the past after only writing a paragraph in an article, this job isn’t for you. Please, save both parties time and do not apply if you aren’t enthusiastic, committed and have the time to do it.


  • Video Makers


Reason.TV is very special to us and to all of our fans. Our videos are watched by thousands around the world and our video makers produce some of the highest quality e-Sports media there is. We need you to work either individually or as part of an editing team in order to create promotional videos and frag videos for our various teams. If you have specific interests in one game, please mention this in your application.


How to apply:


Send an e-mail to:




1. The title of the role for which you are applying.

2. What draws you particularly to this role?

3. What level of English speaking and written skills do you posess (if 1 is terrible and 10 is superb).

4. Cite references to previous work related to the role for which you are applying.