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It has today been announced that our awesome partners at VeryGames will be offering game-servers for the racing title TrackMania² Canyon, which is meant to replace its old brother, Tracmania.

You are from now on able to rent a TrackMania² Canyon server only by heading on to the VeryGames store.

The TrackMania² Canyon servers are available on the whole DediGames server range, as well as on server packs, or just server only, you must also remember, that there is currently a 40% discount on all of the VeryGames store, which includes the TrackMania² Canyon servers too, resulting in an incredible offer !

About VeryGames:

Founded in 2004, the VeryGames company is specialized in network gaming, web hosting and outsourcing. For professional and private customers, VeryGames offers captivate a wide audience.

Our main strengths are our technical expertise and our ability to innovate.
VeryGames invented offers like Multimods, Multigames, and DediGames. They have been copied but never matched. Recently, we launched a new range, DediGames XtreM, the most powerful servers on the market !