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It’s always hard to predict whether new games will do in the esports scene, and it’s always a risk jumping into them too early. SMITE is a brilliant game to watch and play, but the competitve scene is going through a very rocky time at the moment with large, freqent updates which tend to change radical features of a game that players are just getting used to.


We have had great success with our SMITE lineups, with our 4th place finish at PAX at the top of our achievements, but the online scene doesn’t seem stable enough for us to be in it right now.


Special thanks go out to Gunmetal and Riddic for jumping in to try and save a sinking ship, Hero for trying to captain a sinking ship, EMC for tying himself to the mast of a sinking ship, RXK for being Canadian about the whole thing and just going with the flow, Keyadrel for almost making a comeback and finally Wolfy, for streaming League or Legends and Neverwinter whilst watching the ship sink from the shore. You are all awesome, we will miss you, and we hope that when things settle down, we will see you back under our wing again.


The PAX team: Wolfy, EMC, Keyadrel, RXK, Hero and their manger, FixySLN