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So what are we doing at the moment and what is our goals for 2012?

As a team we are currently taking a break from playing Source. After ESWC we wanted to attend NorthCon, but German law wouldn’t let us, since you have to be 18
years old for playing CS. A few weeks later however we found out that it was only the qualification, and since we would have been invited,
we could’ve attended. That’s a shame cause we could have won that event.

We decided to take a break instead, which means we will begin our practice again first in January. We are going to focus on the mistakes we made at ESWC, so we
won’t lose the same matches; losing to Check-Six shouldn’t have happened for a team like us.

As the ingame leader on our team, I’m using a lot of time watching demos and stuff like that, so we are ready to 2012. Gla1ve is doing the same thing, so he and I combined should take our game to a new level. The other teams won’t be able to read us just as well as before.

Our goals in 2012 are becoming the best team in Denmark and getting closer to the first place in Europe. We have to beat CKRAS and VeryGames on the way, but
with more focus on our game we should be able to do so. Playing 15-15 against apex-esport at ESWC showed some of the qualifications we have as a team, and I’m confident if we keep working, we can play a close match against the best teams in Europe in 2012.

More blogs about our training will come later in January 🙂