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The SMITE NA team have said goodbye to 1 of their team this week, Wolfy after the team struggled for several weeks in the weekly tournaments. In a rather unusual move, Funball from our EU SMITE team has joined forces with the SMITE NA team for the foreseeable future to fill one of these gaps. Also joining the team is another EU player, Advert. With these changes, the team are also having a little shuffle round in positions. With all these changes we will see Adanas drop to a substitute role. So, the new SMITE NA team and their roles are:


Peccyz – Jungle

Tocketty – Middle

Snoopy – Support

Funball – Range AD

Advert – Solo

Adanas – Sub


The SMITE EU team have had a been dealt with a bit of a blow with Funball’s emigration to the NA scene, but is keen to fill the holes and keep competing under the Reason banner. We will update you once they has a complete lineup.


We look forward to seeing this lineup fight in the NA weekly Tournament later on today, and see what magic the SMITE EU team can pull together tomorrow, best of luck to both teams. Wolfy, thank you for all the hard work you have put in over your time in RG. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we cross paths.