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Hey Black, for the readers out there who aren’t sure of whom you are can give us a brief description of yourself and what game you play for Reason?

Hey, my name is Dominik Reitmeier, I am 18 years old and i play HoN for Reason Gaming.

Why do you enjoy RTS games, what attracts you too them rather than playing a MMO or a FPS? Also, do you play any other RTS games such as LoL and SC2?

I think the best part about RTS games is that you have to think a lot and plan your next actions wisely, yes i play DotA, WC3 and SC2 besides HoN.

Did you have experience in DotA before coming into HoN?

Yes 3-4 years of competitive DotA experience.

As one of the ‘carry’ players within the team, do you feel there is more responsibility on you then say Hmmpz who plays support?

I would say the responsibility of the roles shift the longer the game progresses, in the early game support is like 70% and in the later phase of the game the carry will have 70%.

Do you practice a lot as a team? We see you quite often on HONCAST playing top teams in different competitions surely you must need to practice different tactics to play against so many teams?

Yea, we used to scrim a lot as of lately though we didn’t really find the time to scrim a lot :(.

Quite a big thing was made of you joining Reason with people saying that you are the piece that Reason have been missing to be a constant challenge to the top teams, what made you join Reason over all the other teams that offered you a space in their teams?

Hmm, the main reason I joined the team was that i knew strangby for a long time, other than that it just felt great playing with them.

You played KD-Gaming in the Semi-Final and won convincingly and didn’t drop a game winning 2:0. How did you feel playing this game with so many people watching you online and live at the LAN was there any extra pressure felt?

Honestly, it felt great and all the people watching was just an additional motivation burst, even though I was a little bit nervous at the Dream arena since that was my first Dreamhack ever :p. The games went pretty much as planned, we had our plans and could pick accordingly, worked out perfect in the end.


Going into the final, the public were unsure who would win and who to cheer for. The community favourites fnaticMSI were fighting to keep their title at Dreamhack, whereas the majority of the line-up in Reason are Swedes, did you get many messages from fans and other players wishing you luck?

Yea, I got spammed by all of my buddies, even though that mostly helped me in the semi-finals since i kind of needed a morale boost =).

What makes fnaticMSI so hard to break down do you think? Is it there fluent play style or there knack of using a mixture of characters that shouldn’t work together such as the Tempest & Wild Soul combo we saw in the Dreamhack final?

They´re all good players, that’s for sure, but what really carries them through most of the time are Fly´s picks in my opinion.

S2 have come under much criticism recently in regards to how they coped with the DDoS attacks to their servers and the following crashes of their servers after undergoing maintenance. How do you think they handled it and what could they improve on?

I honestly didn’t care that much about the downtime as almost every game has something similar to this once in a while, before that HoN ran completely flawless, so people shouldn’t make such a big deal out of that. What they could improve on is giving teams a 5th ban in banning pick.

During the crisis that HoN that we’ve briefly touched on, a part of the community defected to HoN’s rival game League of Legends and Reason Gaming has recently acquired a LoL team. What’s your opinion on the game and do you play it? Is there a little rivalry between the HoN and LoL teams in Reason?

I’m not playing LoL and i believe it’s not even a real E-Sports title yet, simple because they don’t have an observer system and neither a pause system, as for the rivals in between Reason, I haven’t talked to anyone of the LoL guys yet=).

When DotA 2 is finally released can you see HoN surviving after the vast majority of the community has stated they plan on moving across to the new game? Also will you be moving across?

It all depends on DotA 2, if it’s a very good game as everyone is expecting then HoN might die, can’t tell for sure though. As for me, I´ll definitely play it, I don’t know whether or not I´ll quit HoN though.

Looking back to 12 months ago, a new hero being released into HoN was a rarity. Now a hero is released every other Friday, with a balance patch being put into place on the Friday’s in-between. Do you think they are rushing the process as many of the heroes being produced are classed as ‘OP’ and ‘imba’ by the community, such as Emerald Warden and Ra?

I think it’s good that they put so much effort into it and we can all agree that ALL new DotA heroes are imba as well, simply because the developer wants the community to play it a lot and thus get as many bug/balance reports as possible.

So looking to the future now, what have you personally got planned within HoN and in real life and what has Reason got in store for its fans?

I´ll definitely continue playing HoN as for my real life, I am currently working and hopefully will continue doing so for a lot of years. 😛 What people can expect of us is a lot of new strategies/heroes and a lot of wins

Well thanks for taking your time to answer these questions, is there anyone you’d like to give a shoutout to or would you like to say anything at all?

Shoutout to Reason-Gaming Heat-Gaming and all i know!