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Back in July we announced a return to Shootmania, a fast paced arena shooter which we have a very successful history in. Sadly, the Italian squad we picked up didn’t manage to stick together, and soon broke apart. Team captain, Patrick “koo” Barsanti, tried his best to build something up again, but after weeks of trying decided it wasn’t meant to be. He left us soon after to join another team. We wish him, and the other players the best of luck in the future.

Even though our return to Shootmania was brief, it caught the attention of a French team who have achieved some truly amazing results in their time together. Two players in the team have played together since 2014, and managed to take second place at ESWC last year. They have played under the name cRUNk! for some time now, but today they are hanging up that tag, and replacing it with ours.

The new Reason Gaming Shootmania lineup is:

Maxime “sparcO” Cohen
Thomas “ZyK” Hosono
Loïc “Extasy” Kervran

Team captain, Maxime “sparcO” Cohen, shared these words with us about joining Reason

We’ve been playing this game for almost 3 years. As the World Cup is coming soon, we decided to find an organisation, and we finally found one. Reason Gaming is known as an respected organization which has done respectable results in this game and we hope we can make them proud by winning this World Cup.

Take a look at our new players in action: