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SCAN EUW Winter Invitational Match 3 – Team Eternity vs Superteam Kappa

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Game 1
Bans – Team Eternity ban out Yasuo, Riven and Dr Mundo. Superteam Kappa ban out Elise, Ziggs and Shyvana.

Eternity Gaming   SuperTeam Kappa  
MikeyR (Top) Rengar Mozilla (Top) Renekton
Mowarth (Jungler) Vi Ginsu (Jungler) Evelynn
Torodos (Mid) Gragas Exileh (Mid) Kayle
Strategas (ADC) Jinx ChewedUp (ADC) Lucian
Niko3s (Supp) Thresh d Yerrow (Supp) Aneie

The Action.  Eternity Gaming storm out of the blocks and after a brief spell of peace, Gragas and Vi combine to grab 3 kills between them on Kayle and Evelynn. Whilst in the bottom-lane, a bit of back and forth between both pairs of players ends up with Lucian extending just a little too far and being picked off by Thresh. Kills are traded back and forth over the next 5minutes leading to Evelynn ending up with a score of 5-1-1 as Ginsu starts to snowball the early game whilst Eternity Gaming keep pace to keep the kill score at 6-7 not in their favour.

At the 15minute mark, a few more kills bring the score up to 7-9 in Superteam Kappa’s favour as Evelynn is roaming everywhere to keep pressure up on Eternity Gaming, but that pressure isn’t translating into towers as Eternity are leading the turret score in 2-1 whilst the team gold is identical. Both teams start to group up about the 20min mark and start skirmishing in the mid-lane. Then a huge team-fight in the top-lane ends in Eternity Gaming 5-0’ing their opponents and take top tower & Baron Nashor as a result. The kill score swings in Eternity’s favour at 13-12 and their resulting gold-lead soon rockets up to 4K. A sense of déjà-vu sets in as Eternity Gaming convincingly win a big team-fight in the bottom lane whilst taking down the turret there to make the most of their Baron buff.

The tide turns briefly back in Superteam Kappa’s favour as they then win a 35th minute, prolonged team-fight in the mid-lane after Strategas’s Jinx is caught out. Eternity Gaming then catch Lucian out and use the 50 second death-timer and subsequent damage advantage to take the 2nd Baron Nashor and brute-force through the middle lane, through the remaining Superteam Kappa team and the Nexus goes ‘pop’ to win Game 1.

MVP of the Game; Strategas’s Vi jungle started slowly compared to his counter-part, but grew strongly through the game and was a catalyst for his team’s snowball and subsequent win.

 Volibear Breaker

Game 2 
Bans – Team Eternity ban out Yasuo, Riven and Dr Mundi. Superteam Kappa ban out Vi, Lee-Sin and Ziggs.  

Eternity Gaming   SuperTeam Kappa  
MikeyR (Top) Kayle Mozilla (Top) Shyvana
Mowarth (Jungler) Elise Ginsu (Jungler) Evelynn
Strategas (ADC) Jinx ChewedUp (ADC) Gragas
Niko3s (Supp) Thresh  d Yerrow (Supp)  Annie

The Action.  First Blood is taken in the top lane as MikeyR’s Kayle goes down in a gank but Ginsu’s Evelynn quickly follows (and loses double-buffs as a result) from a counter-gank from Mowarth’s Elise. Gragas and Evelynn then combine to pick-up Mowarth’s Elise minutes later at her blue-buff. Evelynn then ganks bottom and a 2 for 1 trade ensues as both Strategas & Niko3s fall in exchange for Evelynn. The kill-score stretches to 6-2 in Superteam Kappa’s favour as Gragas goes 3-0-0 against the 0-2-0 mid-lane Kha’Zix then they group to take the first Dragon of the game.

The first turret falls in the bottom-lane at 12minutes as Superteam Kappa execute a 3-man push and take the tower in exchange for one death, growing the gold lead to over 5K in Superteam Kappa’s favour after taking the mid-lane tower soon after as well. The kill-score increases up to 14-8 and the gold total 8K in Superteam Kappa’s favour as they’ve pushed down 6 of Eternity Gaming’s turrets to no reply at the 22minute mark.

Minutes later Superteam Kappa push through to the bot-lane inhibitor and ChewedUp’s Caitlyn rockets her score to 7-0-4 not before Superteam Kappa again pick off members of Eternity Gaming in a mid-lane teamfight to push the team’s kill score to 21-13 and their gold-lead to 11K at the 27min mark of the game. As the 30minute mark rolls around Superteam Kappa decide to take the initiative and push through the bot-lane, win the teamfight and win Game 2 to force a 3rd game.

MVP of the Game; ChewedUp on Caitlyn had a very impressive game and cleaned up almost all of the teamfights after the 20minute mark.

Warwick Breaker

Game 3 
Bans – Team Eternity ban out Ziggs, Lee-Sin and Gragas . Superteam Kappa ban out Yasuo, Riven and Evelynn.  

Eternity Gaming   SuperTeam Kappa  
MikeyR (Top) Shyvana Mozilla (Top) Dr Mundo
Mowarth (Jungler) Vi Ginsu (Jungler) Elise
Torodos (Mid) Orianna Exileh (Mid) Ahri
Strategas (ADC) Lucian ChewedUp (ADC) Jinx
Niko3s (Supp) Leona  d Yerrow (Supp) Annie 

The Action; 

The early game kicked off with a 3minute kill on Ahri in the mid-lane by Vi, aided by Orianna. This is quickly followed by a kill onto Strategas’s Lucian from Jinx as Ginsu’s Elise looked to bottom-lane to get a reply for the earlier kill on Ahri. A gank minutes later by the kill-enhanced Vi leads to a surprise Ahri double kill as both Orianna & Vi over-extend under the tower, leading to Superteam Kappa taking the first Dragon at 7minutes. Ahri and Elise team up and roam, picking up kills around Eternity Gaming’s blue-buff to give them a 3-9 kill score lead at the 11minute mark.

Superteam Kappa pushed their advantage over the next 5 minutes, concentrating on kills more-so than towers, although they picked up two of those whilst boosting the kill score up to 13-5. A 1 for 1 fight at mid-lane allowed Superteam Kappa to push through and take the inhibitor tower but not the inhibitor itself at 18min. Eternity successfully defend their bottom-lane inhibitor turret as Superteam Kappa show some poor decision making and leak kills, whilst still picking up enough to remain in a commanding lead, the kill-score at the 26min mark 13-21 and gold total of 13K in Superteam Kappa’s favour.

A strong mid-lane push allows Superteam Kappa to get enough kills to push down, get the bottom inhibitor and despite most of the team being low on health, they manage to hold off Eternity Gaming’s desperate attempts to defend their base and make the Nexus go ‘pop’ to take Game 3 in just under 30 minutes.

MVP of the Game; ChewedUpon Jinx again putting in great numbers as he went 10-2-11, proving to be a huge pain for Eternity Gaming.