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After the win against Fnatic in the first game of Group C, Fnatic went into the lowerbracket and fought their way up – to find themselves playing against Reason yet again. – But this time, they were on the hunt for revenge! The map is de_inferno again, and fnatic leads the terrorist side. They start out by making a quick rush up banana, but luckily Karrigan and LOMME is standing with their pistols, ready for any terrorist passing by. LOMME secures two kills, while Karrigan gets the third – in the mean time, pronax and Devilwalk went back to cover. They secured the bomb and rushed into bombsite A to plant the bomb, but the rest of the CTs makes it in to, to take down JW – making in into a 3v1 clutch against Devilwalk – He goes down, and Reason wins the gun round.

(Karrigans Cowbell brought no luck – Courtesy of

In round three, Devilwalk and Schneider makes it into bombsite A to make the plant, after the plant the try to hide – they’re in a 3v2 situation. On the other side, LOMME is down to 5HP but is together with Friis and Karrigan – sadly, Schneider is too quick and take both Friis and Karrigan out and JW finishes it off with a kill on LOMME. First half ends 6:9 in favor of Fnatic.

In the second half, Fnatic closed the match down quickly. Reason had no luck in securing more rounds than they had, Fnatic wins 16:6 – which means that Reason Gaming is out of IEM Katowice 2014.