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Bad puns aside its with great pleasure that today I can officially announce Reason Gaming’s return to the UK CS:GO scene with a new lineup. Previous GO captain, Jake “Jakem” McCausland returns, bringing with him some of the UK’s up and coming talent. The team he’s assembled are looking to dominate the UK scene, as well as competing with the best in Europe. Jakem has the following to say:

“After playing in the mix team “TheGayMole” in the EMS cup with zed & keita, we decided to form a new team for the upcoming LANs. We then simply asked Puls3 and kryptix if they wanted to play some games with us and it has seemed to work pretty well so far. We would like to thank Reason Gaming, Blanks and Ryan for their support. We will see you at the next I-series and Copenhagen Games.”

The new Reason lineup is:

Jake “jakem” McCausland
George “Zed” Bear
Reece “Puls3” Marrs
Jamie “Keita” Hall
James “Kryptix” Affleck

With expectations high and the UK scene crying out for new teams to compete with the best in Europe, Reason’s focus will be on the upcoming I-series event in Telford and then on to Copenhagen Games in Denmark, competing with the best Europe has to offer. Stay tuned to the website for more interviews with the team and their preparations for the upcoming events.