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Because of their dedication to the SMITE scene since day 1, our SMITE team are one of the eight teams invited to the first ever SMITE lan event taking place at PAX later this month. Unfortunately that is right around the time when their manager, Daniel “FixySLN” Fields is expecting his first born child, and would not have been able to make the trip. He had come to terms with the first REAL case of “family comes first” in his esports career when his team started to hatch a plan so that he wouldn’t miss a second of the action. I will leave you with announcement that Daniel released yesterday on Reddit:


As I’m sure you guys and gals have heard, there’s a SMITE invitational coming up here in a few weeks. While the team has been practicing hard and working to keep up with the always growing competitive scene, we’ve decided to take it one more step forward in preparation for this newly announced event.

We’ve got our SMITE team flying into Chicago where we will be conducting a bootcamp at GamersHQ LAN center in Grey’s Lake, IL. We’ll be streaming from location often, making fun of Hero on a regular basis, and consuming large quantities caffeine (normal folk), milk (Hero), cheeseburgers (Wolfy), and/or French Baguettes (Keyadrel). Along with the mass consumption of all things random, we’re also planning to grill at some point during that 3-day weekend (21st-24th), try to figure out does blackout bingo really pay in a group gaming session, give away some t-shirts, and maybe even raffle off (throw fun things in the air and see who can jump the highest) a few cool prizes.
I welcome anyone from and around the area to stop by, say hey, have a burger, and talk shop for a bit. Thanks for taking the time to read. We’re damned excited about the events going down this month!
Best Regards,

FixySLN, the Reason-Gaming staff and Smite Roster

P.S. These guys at Gamers HQ are pretty bad-ass. They volunteered to open the center early so we can get warmed-up, check in, and play on time the entire weekend. Shoutouts to them for being flexible and sharing the same passion for eSports that alot of the SMITE community shares.