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Hauppauge Computer Works UK are the worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing PC based TV tuners. Hauppauge’s products allow PC users to watch television on their PC screens.

Hauppauge’s Social Media Manager had this to say about the partnership;

“We are happy to be adding Reason Gaming to our list of team sponsors. We have been watching them closely over the past few months and were very impressed with their performances at recent events. We are happy to be supporting the Reason Gaming teams and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Our owner Adam ‘Blanks’ Heath had this to add;

“With our move earlier in the year into the console scene with our Call of Duty: Ghosts team, we have been looking to maximise their potential exposure. This partnership with Hauppauge will give our console team the ability to utilise our partnership and allow them to interact with new fans with high-quality video content courtesy of Hauppauge.”

Our favourite product from the extensive range is this;

The HD PVR Gaming Edition 

“HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Plus records HD video from a gaming PC, Sony® PlayStation®3, Microsoft® Xbox® One or 360 or Wii Uonto your Windows laptop or desktop PC. Make video recordings of your best game play in HD in a high quality H.264 format. Upload your games to YouTube and share them with other gamers online. Or make a high definition movie of your gameplay to share with your friends or use it to discuss tactics with your team!

Stream your gameplay to your Twitch, YouTube or Ustream channel with the Hauppauge SteamEez application. Create your own event and be watched by thousands of followers! With the new Hauppauge Capture application, you can stream your game play and add your game commentary to the stream.”