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As we start to wind down 2023 and get ready for the holiday season, we are saddened to announce that we will not be continuing the journey with our American Counter-Strike team next year.

They have had a rocky season in ESEA, plagued with roster changes, unavailability and the adaptation to an MR12 playstyle that took everyone a bit by surprise. Despite these hurdles they stayed committed and strong, securing their spot in the next ESL Challenger League by surviving the relegation tournament.

While it is never fun to lose a team, it leaves the door open for new possibilities and if there is one thing we can count on, is the scene flooding us with suggestions on teams that can fill the gap. If there is one thing we have shown with this roster, our fans are out there and they are ready to support a push back into top tier Counter-Strike, we just need some partners to come along for the journey!

It’s been a really rough season for the team, but through it all there were moments of greatness that kept us all confident in this roster’s ability to do great things in the NA scene. I’m sure where ever they land, they will continue to grow and impress. – Adam Heath Reason Managing Director