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Our Swedish Heroes Of Newerth team couldn’t have asked for a better start to their NASL Season 2 run, as they have managed to overcome Fnatic.MSi with a clear 2-0 score, which means our team collects their first 2 points for the regular season.

Heroes Picks:

Game 1 picks

FnaticMSI       0:1      Reason

Parasite  Pebbles
Rhapsody  Em. Warden
Dark Lady  Myrmidon
Accursed  Doctor Rep.
Kraken  Glacius


Game 2 picks

 FnaticMSI        0:1      Reason

Magmus Polly
 PLague Rid Glacius
 Nymphora Valkirye
 Slither Andromeda
 Electrician  Kraken 


The whole week results can be found below:

Trademark eSports 2-0 compLexity 

Reason Gaming 2-0 Fnatic.MSi

Online Kingdom 2-0 Infused

Team EZ 2-0 Lions eSports


The standings look as follows:

Teams Wins Points
Reason 1 2
Trademark 1 2
OK 1 2
Team EZ 1 2
Lions 0 0
Infused 0 0
compLexity 0 0
Fnatic.MSi 0 0


Stay tuned to for further coverage of NASL Season 2 and further news of our HoN team.