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Some weeks ago EsportsHeaven announced a $2,000 HoN tournament, which has gathered some of the best teams in the world, such as fnatic.MSi, compLexity, DuskBin, OK or Infused.

Our team was placed on group 7, with the Finns from “PlsG” and the Americans from “BWAK”, where they have managed to overcome all of their opponents without many problems, with a 2:0 victory on both of their matches, meaning they top the group with 6 points, granting them access to the elimination bracket.

 Rea vs PlsG          2-0

Rea vs BWAK       2-0

The brackets haven’t yet been announced, but stay tuned to, as we will bring you more updates regarding this and many more tournaments, you can also follow us on twitter or facebook.