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At the start of the UK EPS CSGO season, we picked up what we assumed would be a strong, loyal team. However, as the season played out the team showed reluctance to represent us. As they qualified for the EPS finals they publically announced joining another organisation for the event, without any discussion with the Reason management. This left us teamless and confused.

It was always our goal to have a team at the UK EPS Finals again, and hope to better on our second place finish from last season. Just as it looked like we would be missing out on this season’s final, a team fell into our laps that we couldn’t refuse a home; the mix team, Vexstar.

Captained by Ben ‘r0m’ Smith, this side has had a very successful run through the EPS season, qualifying for the live finals by beating fish123. Ironically, the only team to beat them in the qualifiers was our old team, in a narrow 2-1 loss. No doubt they will be looking to unload some revenge in the live finals at MCM Comic Con London.

Representing Reason at the UK EPS Finals

  • Ben ‘r0m’ Smith
  • James ‘Kryptix’ Affleck
  • Sam ‘RattlesnK’ Gawn
  • Valentin ‘Bishop’ Canepa
  • Robin ‘RobiNasTy’ Perret

If I was to sum this EPS season up in one word, it would be “confusing”. We started off the season with a very keen team who wanted to talk about other events, both domestic and international, and somewhere along the lines ended up with a team that were playing in four different tournaments under four different names. It’s probably the most extreme UK scene cliché that I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame things didn’t work out with the roster as I have great respect for some of the players in the team and looked forward to working with them, but some things just aren’t meant to be. That being said, who wouldn’t walk over burning coals to work with some of the names in this lineup! I’m very happy that we managed to come to an agreement with Vexstar to represent us at MCM Comic Con London, and I have made it clear that should this mix transform into a team, that the door is open for them to stay under the Reason banner. – Adam”Blanks” Heath