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As the title suggests, Reason Gaming regrettably has lost some excellent members. The Reason Gaming Female CS:GO team suffered its first player loss following a third place finish in last year’s ESWC tournament. Two players left the team after the event and the team tried to find fresh blood to fill in the empty roster spots. The two new girls were found, Jennifer ‘JeNnY‘ Dziersan and Alice ‘aliz‘ Bielawski, sadly left the team soon after they joined followed by the departure of the third original member, Mathilde “Sephi” Koenig, leaving Abi and Kaat as the only remaining players. Both Abi and Kaat tried hard to fill the gaps but have decided to leave Reason Gaming instead. We have statements from both Abi and Kaat describing their time spent with RG.

Statement from Abigail “Abiii” Glover:

“ We have had many great times within the Reason organization and I’m grateful for the opportunities that I have been presented with in my time here. After a month or so of understandably being inactive, after our success at ESWC, we have been planning to rebuild the team under Reason. But now I’m left with a feeling that putting all we can into a team in the Reason organization isn’t worth the paper its written on. So, with no regret of our own, we have decided to leave the organization – I wish them the best of luck.”

Statement from Kaat “Kaat” Vanhulle:

“I had the best personal intentions with the organization and I have given and tried everything to make the team the best it can be and to grow. I’m sad to see that is has not come to everything that I hoped it would be. Good luck to the Reason organization.”

Statement from Adam “Blanks” Heath, RNR-eSports Managing Director:

“It is always a shame to see a team depart, especially when seeing how hard they have worked and how much they have achieved in their time in Reason Gaming. I have been friends with Abi and Kaat a long time now and wish them the best of luck in the future and hope they find a new home that can offer them the support they deserve.”

Reason is planning on picking up a new female team this year which will hopefully be all sorted out within the next couple of weeks. We at Reason Gaming wish the best of luck to Kaat and Abigail, as well as all of the other players, in all that they do in e-sports and their lives.