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Representing the Quake Live TDM team is the usual lineup of:

David “deus” Kinnaird
Richard “noctis” Gansterer
Pelle “fazz” Soderman
Patrik “zyv” Siren

In the TDM we have been drawn in Group D with the following teams:

Most Wanted Clan

Also competing in the Quake Live duel will be fazz and noctis, they have been drawn in the following groups:

Group A

Group D

You can read a preview of both tournaments over at Tek-9. Full coverage can be found over at ESReality.

You will be able to follow all the Quake action via LIVE video stream courtesy of levelupTV.

Our Heroes of Newerth team squad will be taking their usual lineup plus a little gem, one of Europes finest Dota players who has made the transition over to HoN:

Daniel “giftig” Ivarsson
Andreas “Brodholm” Fredholm
Tobias “Eresloco” Everhorn
Tobias “hmmmpz” Sundeqvist
Carl-Philip “Strangby” Strangby
Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier

The HoN guys have already qualified direct to the Semi Final of the tournament due to winning a previous Inferno Online Qualifier. They will therefore skip the groupstages so you won’t see them in action until the end of the tournament.

Stay tuned for coverage of both tournaments right here on our brand new website.