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Over the course of April 5th thru May 21st, Reason Gaming.fe competed in ESL’s Female Summer Open. A tournament with 32 female CS:GO teams from all over the globe. Reason.fe were placed in Group D, against ALSEN-Team, Mcon eSports, Team VALKYRIES, 31337, Wyvern, Dynamic, and Erack eSports.

With a map score of 15:2*, Reason.fe defeated:

ALSEN-team – 2:0
Dynamic – 2:0
Wyvern – 2:0
31337 – 2:0
Erack eSports – 2:0

group stage

Credit to ESL. *Looked through all the map scores, and there was only 2:1. Correct map score is 15:2.

And only falling to Mcon eSports 1:2. Even with the loss, and the 6-1 record, the better map score gave them 1st place out of their group and qualification for the finals. In the finals, they were seeded against XPC.Female in the Round of 16. XPC.Female did not show up for the game and Reason.fe were awarded the forfeit win. In the Round of 8, Reason.fe faced MadCorps, and took the win 2:0 (Train – 16:10|Cache – 16:5). In the semi-finals, Reason.fe battled Team Property and took the win with another 2:0 (Train – 16:6|Cache 16:5).

In the grand finals of the ESL Female Summer Open, Reason.fe faced against group stage opponents, ALSEN-team, who they previously defeated 2:0. Game 1 went to ALSEN on Cache 13:16, while Game 2 went to Reason.fe, 16:6 on Nuke. Game 3 and the decider map was strongly won by Reason.fe on Overpass with a 16:7 victory.


Credit to ESL.

This win gives Reason.fe their first title under the [R] tag, and Reason’s first female CS:GO top finish since ESWC 2012, where the first rendition of Reason.fe took 3rd place against Imaginary Gaming. We are very excited and proud of our girls in Reason.fe and we hope you all are, as well!