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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has taken off with a boom with tournaments and events popping up all over the globe in a plethora of different countries, with prizes ranging from the hundreds to the six-figure thousands. Here at Reason, we want to ensure that we can spread as far as possible and have representatives in as many of the various, diverse tournaments as possible. As you may know, we currently already house two Global Offensive teams; however we have now opted to pick up a third to represent us in a new area of the globe.

Making the step up from one of RNR eSports’ other ventures, Rasta Gaming, will be the former Rasta representatives from Portugal. The team will be representing us both in online international events and the national Portuguese LAN circuit. We would like to wish the best of luck whilst baring our tag and hope they will do us proud. The team is currently participating in the Go4CS:GO ESL event, and have been invited to attend the ProGamerSeries Exponor to compete for a share of €20,000.


The new teams manager, Tiago “GotIt?” Castro, gave the following statement:

“After being in an organization like Rasta, one of the most impeccable organizations that I have been a part of during my esports carrer, that has supported us for almost an entire year, we are delighted to move to the Reason Gaming brand whilst still deal with the same management team. But as this organization never cease to amaze us, the much anticipated offer came off to the table and we only could embrace this opportunity with the greatest will that we’ve always had, promissing that we will honor this jersey and the aforementioned organization with all our commitment putting every effort into achieving all proposed objectives.”


Reason Gaming Managing Director, Adam Heath, also said the following:

“It is with great pleasure we finalise our last CSGO team, Reason.PT, a Portuguese team with a mix of Counter Strike 1.6, and Source players who have played at the top of the Portuguese scene. We look forward to seeing this team perform in the new CSGO scene.”


Reason Pt are:

 Tiago “GotIt?” Castro (Manager)

 Andre “paradyze” Horta

 João “kronus” Lopes

 Edgar “iHECK” Freitas

 Ruben “bEN” Ribiero

 Bruno “BLOODZ” Sousa