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Shortly have we announced the new DotA 2 lineup a disagreement between some of the team members causing a meltdown. Some players left feeling they couldn’t work with the team anymore despite these players having an extensive history. However, team captain Kieran “Dreadknight” Ghataora and Grant “Antab” Brightey weren’t quite ready to walk away. They scoured the UK scene and after serveral weeks for solid tests and trials, they had found their new lineup.

Presenting the new Reason DotA 2 lineup:

Kieran “Dreadknight” Ghataora – Support
 Grant “Antab” Brightey – Carry
Jason “1CHIGO_” Wong – Middle
Jack “Infernokoi” Biddell – Offlane
Josh “MUTE242” Barlow – Support

Sadly they cannot attend Epic LAN, but they will be attending i49 in August which we are looking forward to.

Photo’s from the Apex Keyboard launch party are now up on our Facebook Where Dreadknight and Antab ran a “beat the pro” event and gave out some hints and tips to players. You can check out the photos here (and don’t forget to give us a like if you haven’t already!) : Reason Gaming Facebook