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The league is back, this time sponsored by SteelSeries, and under the SteelSeries League name, featuring a total prize pot of 13500 DKK (1815 Euros) plus tickets to HKLan 2012 where the finals will take place for the first 4 teams.

Our team remains in division 1 after securing a 2nd place in the last edition of the league, meaning they will face the likes of CKRAS and CPH Wolves.

The first week of competition is already over for our team, securing 2 victories 16-1 and 16-8 against DE GODE and Ajufokingkreizi respectively, which puts our team with a total of 4 points, tied with CKRAS and CPH Wolves.

Next week our team will face Gamehoppers and CPH Wolves, so stay tuned to as we will update you on next week results.

You can find the league standings here.