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With the rapid decline in competitive interest in games such as Call of Duty and CS 1.6, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive looks to be the saving grace for competitive first person shooters. Having been released for just under a month the game has already attracted many large scale tournaments, most notably Dreamhack Winter, with a staggering $45,000 prize pool.

Here at Reason Gaming we want a slice of that action, and so without further ado we can finally present to you our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive line-up. The roster features players that have been close to the RNR eSports organisation for quite some time, with four of the previous Rasta.Xd team taking the step forward. The fifth and final member of the team is none other than former Reason Gaming player, Henry “HenryG” Greer, who is making his return to the organisation after almost six years away from the Reason tag.


Jake “jakem” McCausland gave the following statement:

“Well the day’s finally come where we move over to Reason Gaming for CS:GO! After a successful Iseries result with this lineup it’s a sad day to see Cauzed finally begin his new engaged lifestyle as he moves in with his bride to be. However we would like to welcome “HenryG” the CSS veteran into the team to complete the lineup. We are all very excited to be playing under the Reason name and will all be raising our commitments to the game to prepare ourselves as best possible for the future LAN events including Dreamhack and Iseries. A Big thanks to the Rasta management and community for there continual support over the years it will be sad leaving the Xd name behind and of course thanks to Blanks and Reason for keeping us on in RnR-esports 🙂 x”


Adam “Blanks” Heath, RNR eSports managing director, added:

“Making the choice of which team to pickup and represent us under the Reason Gaming name wasn’t an easy one. To most it may look like we have just taken Rasta.Xd and ported them across to Reason but a lot of thought and discussion went into this move and they were not the only team on the table. After seeing their performance at i46 I believe we have the caliber of players in this team to challenge the very top of the CS:GO team across Europe. We have been in serious talks with the team since making this decision and they are aware that the attitude that was taken in their Rasta.Xd days won’t cut it in Reason – This is a team, not a mix with 3 or 4 of the same faces turning up with a couple of ringers on the sidelines ready to fill a gap that opens up at LAN. I wish the team the best of luck and can’t wait to see them start playing under the Reason name.”


Reason CS:GO:

 Jake “jakem” McCausland

 Tom “quiver” Griffiths

 Phil “Tucker” Hynes

 Josh “mole” Rowley

 Henry “HenryG” Greer