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Reason Gaming would like to welcome Ben “r0m” Smith as the new head coach of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup!

Ben joins the team as we head into a very busy schedule. The CS:GO lineup has already enjoyed an explosive start to the ESEA season, and a steady debut in UK Masters. We hope the addition of a head coach will ensure these continued performances, as well as a strong showing at the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series.

Despite joining as a coach, r0m has years of experience as a player and in-game leader of various sides, including the Radix Esports lineup that claimed first place at Epic 21 last month.

Ben had this to say upon hanging up the mouse and keyboard and focusing on a career in coaching:

“Firstly i’d like to thank Reason for this great opportunity for me to progress my career in what I feel I should be doing; coaching. Coaching is something I’ve been considering getting into for around 12 months now,but the timing has never been quite right. Thankfully that time has come and I look forward to progressing this talented team onto the next level. I really believe the experience I have and the work I’ve put into Counter-Strike over the last 5 years will help me exceed in my role as a coach. I look forward to working with this set of lads improving them day by day. The main reason I took this opportunity is the potential shown already from this great lineup. So many of the basics of teamplay are already at a level far beyond what I’ve worked with previously, which is ultimately why this lineup is in the position they are. For the first time in my career I feel like I can start going into the complicated side of Counter-Strike bypassing the absolute essential basics which is the normal starting point for most teams. I hope everyone understands my decision and would love to see support from everyone out there wanting more teams to follow in Reason’s footsteps in every effort to put this country back where it needs to be; competing with the rest of the world.”

Reason CS:GO in-game leader Bradley “Hoodlum” Ratcliff added:

“We are really happy to be able to add Rom as our coach! He has tons of experience and can offer a tremendous amount in helping us reach our full potential. We all value his opinion and trust in his ability. We are looking forward to working with him.”

Welcome to the team, r0m!