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Today we welcome to our staff team Casper Strunge Larsen. By day Casper is a carpenter and in his spare time plays football for the small town club of Svebolle in Denmark. 


He will be creating, managing and coaching a Reason Counter-Strike Global Offensive Academy team. He has played for, Online.trackers and MoD in Counter-Strike Source and has been a player and manager in Counter-Strike Source and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Casper will start his role in Reason-Gaming by recruiting an academy team. He will then focus on developing this team to the top level of the game. 

Casper had this to say on joining Reason-Gaming:

“It is with great pleasure that i can be a part of Reason-Gaming. I chose Reason-Gaming because of the stability of the organisation, they work really well together and have a long history in esports. The plan is to get the Academy up and running with some good new talents. Besides that, I will also work to find various partners that can help Reason-Gaming grow as an organisation. Thanks for giving me the chance and opportunity to work with Reason-Gaming, I hope I can do a good job.”

We look forward to seeing the progress of the academy team and will be providing Casper with all the support he needs to provide these young players with a decent and productive enviroment to learn and develop their skills and become professional players.