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The team was 2nd place on the Challenger Ladder at the time of lock in for participation in the playoffs for the Challenger Series, more commonly refered to as the Coke Zero League. Only a mere 4 points behind the recently announced Cloud 9.EU squad, they have secured themselves a good seeding in the playoffs and will be looking to gain entry into the Challenger Series, as well as attending top European tournaments such as IEM and Dreamhack.

At time of writing the current roster is

Top Lane

Mauno “beansu” Tälli


Jonas “Trashy” Andersen

Mid Lane

Chres “Sencux” Laursen


Kristoffer “Krislund” Pedersen‏


Laurent “BarneyD” Baiverlin

Frederik “Phake” Knudsen, manager of the squad has this to say

“Today I’m thrilled to announce that we officially have signed with Reason Gaming. Reason has one of the best reputations within eSport and therefore it’s just an even greater pleasure for us. Our first goal waving the Reason banner will be to qualify for the Challenger League (Coke Zero League) and afterwards attend any major events within the European border. With the support of Reason Gaming and their sponsors I’m certain this goal is achievable even more than before”

While Kristoffer “Krislund” Pedersen‏, Marksman and team captain added

“We are pleased to be joining Reason Gaming, with the help of them and their sponsor we know we can reach far on the esports scene, our first main goal is qualifying for coke zero league. We are currently practicing and training hard to get into the coke league – so with this amount of practice im surely to say that we have a fairly high chance to get in there!”

Reason gaming would like to wish Tricked eSports the best in any future endeavors.