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After the departure of the previous League of Legends team, we at Reason have decided to dive straight back into the League scene by acquiring a new line up for future competitions. We are pleased to announce the new, all-French, line-up consisting of:


Boris “Dex” Stanoyevitch – Top

Jessy “Kaitany” Soukhanouvong – Jungle

Jérémy “RazayeL” Schrimpf – Mid Lane

Nicolas “Byousoku Go”Anton – Marksman

Emmanuel “Kyoù” Bouloc – Support


Simon “TheHiddenGFX” Best (Team Manager) had this to say about the team:


“I’ve worked with many rosters both officially and unofficially in the NA and EU scenes, so after I was introduced as the team coach I started to see a massive amount potential from them. With the addition of Reason behind us, we will make sure to see that this potential is utilised as early as possible to get them LCS ready for the summer split of Season 4.”


Josh “Howspiffing” Raven (Reason Management) said this about the new roster:


I’m delighted to welcome our new roster. After the disappointing end to our last League of Legends team, we have high hopes that the new guys can deliver results now, and mainly in the long term. With the announcement of the Coke Zero amateur league, we’re hoping the new line-up can burst onto the European scene, with the end goal being the LCS in next year’s Summer Split promotions.


Recently, the team has been playing in the French ESL Pro Series and have finished consistently in the top 3. We are hoping they will make a big impact at both Paris Games Week which is coming up very soon as well as i50 in November and then lead the charge into the EU challenger circuit for 2014.


Ben “Hoss” Hosford