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When our last League of Legends team fell short at Dreamhack Summer, they found it hard to recover and ended up folding soon after the event. This left us searching for a new lineup and this time we decided to take a bit of time before coming to a desicion. We received a number of applications to fill the spot and after talking to a number of teams, we decided to pick up the unsponsored team, Benched Gaming. They have achieved very impressive online results and acquired free tickets to next month’s Insomnia Gaming Festival via the online qualifier and they have their eyes firmly set on the future.

The new Reason Gaming League of Legends team is:
Pavel “Mozilla” Klaban – Top
Tri “k0u” Tin Lam – Jungle
Marek “Bimbo8” Hanuš – Mid
Tomáš “Nardeus” Maršálek – AD
Martin “Kazmitch” Hamalčík – Support

Pavel “Mozilla” Klaban gave the following statement about joining Reason Gaming:

It’s been a while now since Benched Gaming was formed as a team and we were never really in a need of an organisation to support us. With the upcoming i49 offline event in England however, we had to start looking around for someone to support us. Today we are really lucky to be a part of Reason Gaming family with which we are going to attend the i49 in August and we would like to thank to Reason for making it possible.

We are very happy that this great lineup has chosen to join Reason Gaming, and we look forward to meeting them all at i49.