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With Dreamhack Winter fastly approaching, the organizers behind the event have recently announced a prize pool increase of 100,000 SEK for their HoN Tournament, which converts the event in one of the biggest in the whole HoN season.

The tournament will take place from November 24th through to November the 27th, and will see the European elite battle it out with some of the best talents the US and Australia have to offer, looking to grab a piece of the 300,000 SEK cake.

Our HoN team will be heading down to Jonkoping, where they will try to repeat their great result from Dreamhack Summer, where they managed to come 2nd, just losing to Fnatic.MSi in the finals.


For a complete list of teams attending, please check below:

Trademark eSports
Team EZ
Online Kingdom
Infused eSports
Frenetic Array
Reason Gaming
Druidz Omega
BYOC Winner #1
BYOC Winner #2

For a prize breakdown, please check below:

1st place: 150,000 SEK (22,000 USD) + 5x MSI GT780 Laptops
2nd place: 90,000 SEK (13,000 USD) + 5x MSI Motherboards
3rd place: 35,000 SEK (5,000 USD) + 5x MSI Graphic cards
4th place: 25,000 SEK (3,600 USD)

It has also been announced that the tournament will feature 2 groups of 6 teams, with 1st place finishers from each group advancing on to the semifinals, and with 2nd and 3rd places from each group battling it out for the 2 remaining spots in the semifinals.

Please make sure to stay tuned to as we will be updating you with more news regarding Dreamhack Winter 2011 HoN Tournament.