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Today also insomnia50 will kick off in Telford International Centre. UK’s biggest gaming festival will take place from Nov. 29th till 2nd of Dec.. It’s an anniversary as it is the 50th edition of the famous UK LAN.

The LAN will feature, besides some other games, the Tt eSPORTS DOTA2 Cup. Among other teams like Team Infused or NextGen we try to win the battle for 2,500 pounds prize-money.

Our team is set in group A:

[R]eason Gaming Dota2 – nVidia for Men – Wat a Stack – On No! Flameboy2012 – Team Banana – Big Black Chickens


Schedule and results:


Reason Gaming    1  vs  0    Wat a Stack
Reason Gaming    1  vs  0    Big Black Chickens
Reason Gaming    1  vs  0    nVidia for Men
Reason Gaming    1  vs  0    Oh No! Flameboy2012.
Reason Gaming    1  vs  0    Team Banana


We won our groupstage with 5-0!

Playoffs bracket:


Reason Gaming (1) 1
NextGen. (8) 0

Reason Gaming (1) 2
First Pick Ogre (4) 0

First Pick Ogre (4) 1
Oh No! Flameboy2012. (5) 0

Reason Gaming (1) 2
Team Infused (2) 0



Banamirana (6) 0
Wat a Stack (3) 1

Wat a Stack (3) 1
Team Infused (2) 2

nVidia for Men (7) 0
Team Infused (2) 1

bracket by

After winning all our matches without loosing a single round, we made it to the grand finals!The grand finals will be played 12/01/2013 at 14:30 CET!